Get that Wow Eyes at Deneen Marcel Lashes Salon

Want Lush lashes with fabulously styled eyebrows too?

We Offer Eyebrow Services that give you perfectly shaped Brows

Keeping in mind your natural eyebrows we help you find your ideal style. We create a fuller more beautiful brow by filling, lengthening the tail, and adjusting the arch. We also thread, wax, and tweeze to create stunning brows that truly accentuate your style.

Choose Your Favorite Look from a Wide Variety of Brow Styles and Services

Our stylists help you take the right steps to get your desired eyebrows. Whether you simply want to tame your unruly eyebrows or take the look to a whole new level, we will bring out your best! Schedule a complimentary consultation today

Eyebrow Styling

We work to create a desirable shape from your natural brows including waxing, threading, or tweezing. We fill in sparse areas with brow sculpting pencils, powders, or gels and often tint your eyebrows to compliment your eyes, skin, and hair




Which method of epilation is better and long-lasting?

All forms of epilation extract the hair from the root and are same. They last an equal amount of time. It may differ because of difference in individual brow growth rate.

How can you help my brows get better?

We provide consistent brow care to help you achieve your best natural brows.

What can I do at home to care for my brows?

1. Put the tweezers down. Leave it to your professional.
2. Exfoliate the brows once a week. Gentle exfoliation helps in blood circulation and healthier growth.

3. Apply a drop of Castor oil on each brow every night to quicken growth.

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