Give Your Eyes That Wow Factor at the Best Eyebrow Styling Salon in Philadelphia

Lush lashes are great but who wouldn’t want fabulously styled eyebrows to match? Cut your morning routine in half and start your day with brows that wow. Choose from a variety of options including basic brow styling, in-depth 3D brow extensions and restorations or go for the best with long lasting microblading.


For more information or to schedule an appointment call us at 267-386-6681. Application normally takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Be sure to cleanse skin of all makeup and moisturizer prior to your appointment.

Best Eyebrow Styling Salon Philadelphia

We Offer Eyebrow Extensions, Waxing and Microblading to give your brows the Perfect Shape

Using your natural eyebrow shape as a starting point, we will help you find your ideal brow style. We will create a fuller more beautiful brow by filling in the bare spots, lengthening the tail and adjusting your arch. We also utilize threading, waxing and tweezing to clear away stray hairs resulting in stunning brows that truly accent your style.

Eyebrow styling salon microblading philadelphia

Choose Your Favorite Look from a Wide Variety of Brow Styles and Services

Our creative professionals will help you decide which steps to take to get the eyebrows that you crave. Whether you simply want to tame your unruly eyebrows or make a fashion statement by taking your look to a whole new level, we will bring out your beautiful best. Schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our salons and let us give you the eyebrows you've always dreamed of.

Eyebrow styling, sculpting and tinting

Eyebrow Styling

Brow styling consists of a few different techniques. First, we work to create a desirable shape from your natural brows. Sometimes all this requires is simple eyebrow waxing along with threading or tweezing to achieve the desired shape. Depending on the individual and the desired style, we also fill in sparse areas or amplify your natural brows with brow sculpting using pencils, powders or gels. We can also use eyebrow tinting to enhance the color of your brow to complement your eyes, skin and hair.

Strand by strand eyebrow extensions

Eyebrow Extensions

Brow extension is a process that we recommend for special occasions because of its beautiful realism! Synthetic hairs are attached strand by strand to the existing brow and skin with an adhesive to create the perfect brow.

Eyebrow Restoration - 3D Brows

3D Brows

Eyebrow restoration is similar to brow extensions but provides a more textured natural look. A gel formulation of adhesives are mixed with a pigment and then swiped on to the skin in hair-like strokes to be seemingly unnoticeable by the naked eye.

Eyebrow Embroidery - Microblading


Also, known as eyebrow embroidery, microblading is a procedure in which pigment is deposited into paper cut-like incisions made by a hand tool within the eyebrows. It penetrates the epidermis of the skin allowing the pigment to last about 18 months. It provides the most natural look without having to remove any hair. They are sweat proof, smudge proof and water proof. And I myself have it done!

Eyebrow Threading


Threading is a form of epilation where nylon or cotton thread is used to shape brows. It is an alternative to waxing. Clients with allergies or sensitivities may be unable to wax because it may cause tears in the skin. Threading is more gentle on the skin and does not exfoliate the skin.

Men’s eyebrow waxing and styling

Men's Brows

These days, more and more men are getting their eyebrows groomed. So much so that celebrity dude brow stylist Ramy Gafni has even coined the term "guy brows". While women's eye brows tend to be more sculpted and arched, thinning out at the end for a more feminine brow line, the objective for men's brow grooming is much different. We provide men with a straighter, thicker, angled brow look that enhances a man's masculine features. The effect is striking. We'll shape them just enough to lift and reveal a more polished, clean look without looking overdone. Think Jake Gyllenhaal or Tiki Barber. Men looking for a proper eyebrow shaping or quick clean up should look no further than Deneen Marcel Lashes.

Eyelash Extension Salon Philadelphia

Eyelash Extensions

To go along with our wide range of brow styling services, we also offer Philadelphia's best eyelash extensions. You have a choice of synthetic and natural Siberian Mink lashes. We also provide various lash styles and services to help you find the pefect look. Our eyelashes extensions are applied strand by strand to your existing lashes for a long lasting, natural look.

Makeup Services

Makeup Services

Defining Beauty with just one stroke. Our beauty expert, Nicole Dupree will give you the perfect makeup you desire, whether you are going for a natural day look, a smoky eye look for the evening, or a touch of elegance for the big wedding day.

Skin Care - Facials

Skin Care

Brooke Alexandria Spa is a new destination located in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, specializing in body work and medical spa services. Our mission is to empower our clients to arouse and ignite their inner and outer beauty. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions
Toggle IconWhich method of epilation do I like best?

I prefer to wax because it is time efficient, but I wax, tweeze and thread.

Toggle IconIs either method better or last longer?

That is a myth. All forms of epilation, that I preform, are the same. They all extract the hair from the root. None of them last longer than the other. It may appear so because most of the hair in the brows grow all at different rates.

Toggle IconCan You help my brows achieve better fullness?

Yes! Consistent brow care and proper knowledge will allow us to help you achieve your best natural brow possible.

Toggle IconIf they haven't grown in years can I still have the brow of my dreams?

Of course! In some instances trying to grow your brows naturally just isn't enough. That's where brow restorations and Microblading can help.

Toggle IconShould my brows be identical?

No. Brows are sisters not twins. And sometimes even cousins. But our faces aren't symmetrical so it is ok for our brows to be slightly off. If they are too far off that is where I come in.

Toggle IconWhat can I do at home to keep my brows in tip top shape?

1. Put the tweezers down. Leave it to your professional. Consistency is key for beautiful brows.
2. Exfoliate the brows at least once a week. Gently exfoliate to help the blood circulate and help promote a healthier growth environment.
3. Castor oil! 1 Castor oil drop on each brow every night helps speed up growth.

To Schedule an Appointment call 267-386-6681 or by booking online.


We require a credit card on file in advance for all appointments even if you previously purchased your service through a gift card, voucher, etc. If you have a voucher or coupon, you must call in advance for an appointment and mention such offerings at that time. Your voucher or coupon must be presented at time of service along with a valid ID. Lash Refills from another salon begin at $100.


Because our service is by appointment only, we require that all cancellations be made a minimum of 48-hours in advance. If we do not receive the required notice, we will charge 100% of the service fee. Repeated failure to adhere to this policy, could lead us to revoke one’s ability to schedule appointments in advance. In such instances, service will only be provided based on same-day availability.