How to Clean Your Lash Extensions

The key to lush lashes is to keep them clean. Everyday impurities such as chlorine, sweat, mascara residue, dirt, dead skin cells, and oil weaken the bond between the lash adhesive and your natural lash which can result in extensions falling off prematurely.

But you want to take a careful approach to your cleaning routine. Cleansing water and makeup removers consisting of oils, glycols, and emollients can do more harm than good and cause lashes to fall off. You also want to be cautious when using sponges, face cloths, cotton or makeup pads near your lash extensions as they can damage or cause premature lash loss.

Here are a few tips from our experts on the best way to clean your lash extensions:

Always wait 24-hours after your lash application before your first cleanse. Cleansing 2-3 times a week is recommended. If you have oily skin or regularly wear makeup, cleansing every night is best.

Before bed, lightly work a lash extension foaming cleanser into your lash line with your fingertips or soft lash brush. Rinse and allow the lashes to dry naturally. When dry, gently groom them with a mascara wand.

Enjoy Healthy, Long-Lasting Lashes

It’s a fact that eyelash extensions last longer when cleansed. Clients who regularly clean their lashes have 50% or more of their lashes when returning for refill appointments compared to clients who don’t.

Regular cleansing prevents skin irritations, infections, lash mites, and poor lash growth or health. If you previously had these conditions, regular cleaning helps strengthen your lashes and prevent such issues from getting worse.


To ensure proper care and long-lasting wear with your lash extensions, Deneen Marcel Lashes will be offering complimentary lash baths with your refill appointment during the month of March. First, we will cleanse lashes of all makeup, sweat and environmental build up. Then using a soft lash brush and cleansing foam, we will clean the lashes from the base of your lashes to the tip followed by a thorough rinse. These small steps will ensure good adhesion with your lash extensions.

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