Enhance Your Natural Lashes at our Professional Eyelash Salon

Our custom eyelash extensions range from simply accentuating to total glam. This non-surgical procedure is a simple wonder making a big difference. With luxury eyelash extensions by Deneen Marcel, everyone wakes up pretty! Book online now.


Find Your Perfect Look with Our Lash Styles and Services

Whether you are looking for a subtle improvement or a dramatic change, we can help you pick a lash style that will accentuate your individual look and leave you with the eyelashes that you’ve always dreamed of.

Classic Lash

Looking to add just a touch of glam? Opt to accentuate your eyes with the classic light clump-free mascara lashes.

Volume Lash

Want it up a notch? Get the Volume Lash eyelash extensions that add a curl with fuller mascara

Hybrid Volume Lash

Love some drama? Go for the Hybrid Volume lash that utilizes various lash lengths to add volume and lusciousness

Strand by Strand Lash Extensions with Synthetic or Mink Lashes

We apply Eyelash extensions strand-by-strand to ensure proper volume. Maintaining your lashes will require a timely refill. Generally, refills take about an hour and are done every 2-4 weeks or as required.

Deneen Marcel also provides a full range of brow care services to compliment your new lashes



Which method of epilation is better and long-lasting?

All forms of epilation extract the hair from the root and are same. They last an equal amount of time. It may differ because of difference in individual brow growth rate.

How can you help my brows get better?

We provide consistent brow care to help you achieve your best natural brows.
We also solve shape imbalance and brow growth issues with microblading, restorations, etc.

What can I do at home to care for my brows?

1. Put the tweezers down. Leave it to your professional.
2. Exfoliate the brows once a week. Gentle exfoliation helps in blood circulation and healthier growth.

3. Apply a drop of Castor oil on each brow every night to quicken growth.


Eyelashes help to protect your eyes from dust dirt that may get in your eyes. Hence, it’s important to keep them clean, especially if you wear makeup. Otherwise, your eyes can be irritated and damaged.

As with any cosmetic service, there are risks. Some may be sensitive to the adhesive, skin issues, etc. If so, please inform the stylist beforehand. Serving with Safety is our motto.

Remember it’s very important for your eyelash extensions to dry. It takes at least 24 hours for the drying process. Meanwhile:


  • Don’t apply or remove make-up,
  • Don’t shower or get them wet (including perspiration), as it may compromise the adhesive.
  • Don’t use a lash curler.
  • Don’t use products with Polyethylene glycol, Hexalene glycol, Butylene and Propylene glycol. It may break down the adhesive.

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