Newbie Lash Extension Guide

Are you excited to skip the mascara and eye makeup?

Here are answers to questions frequently asked by my new clients.

Before Your Appointment

Show up to your appointment completely bare-faced with uncurled lashes.

Please, no waterproof eye makeup, mascara, oil-based eye moisturizer or eye cream either.

You will need to lie very still, so it is best to skip caffeinated beverages if you get twitchy eyes.

During Your Appointment

Both eyelash extensions application and refill appointments can take up to 2 hours. 70-150 lash extensions are applied to EACH eye during the original application process. The exact number depends on how many natural lashes you have at the time of the appointment. This is because extensions are attached to the base of your natural lashes. During the refill process lashes need to be cleaned and damaged ones removed before applying a new set.Newbie Eyelash Extension Guide

Lash by Lash Eyelash Extension Application

After Your Appointment

The first 24-48 hours after your eyelash appointment are crucial. Ensure that you keep exposure to humidity and water at a minimum.

The less makeup applied on or around your extensions, the longer they will last. And when you do wear makeup use oil-free wipes or makeup remover.

Purchase disposable mascara wands and a lash extension cleanser for daily lash cleansing.

When you go to bed sleep on your back to keep your face safely away from the pillow.

NEVER pick or tear off your extensions. Get a professional removal or left them fall off naturally.

Ready to get lashed? Call us at 267-386-6681 to schedule an appointment or book online now.Newbie Eyelash Extension Guide

Professional Eyelash Extensions

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